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Leicester Animal Aid

A nine-year-old girl, who wanted to help animals, turned her hobby into a fundraiser for a dog and cat rescue and re-homing charity.

Kind-hearted Eliza, who is from Littlethorpe and goes to Greystoke Primary School, decided that during the Summer holidays she wanted to help animals in need local to her. She did some research and found that Leicester Animal Aid in Huncote was near to where she lived.

She made more than 30 colourful loom bands and sold them by setting up a table and making a poster. In total she raised just over £30. She popped into the Centre to drop the money off and got a special thank you from Jessie a two-year-old Greyhound. 

This year has been incredibly challenging for Leicester Animal Aid, but the support of the local community, especially younger supporters, has been heart-warming.

If you are looking to adopt a dog or cat, or need to find a new home for your pet, then give the Centre a call on 01455 888257 or visit the website for more information <>

In spite of the pandemic restrictions, Huncote WI is alive and kicking!

Our last traditional meeting took place in March and sadly we have been unable to hold another since then. In August, however, we held an outdoor meeting when twenty courageous members braved gale force winds in order to meet up in a socially distanced fashion. It reminded us of the value of being a member of Huncote WI and was so good to see each other once more. We enjoyed a quiz and plenty of fresh air!!

Due to current restrictions on numbers allowed to attend gatherings, we are unable to clarify when and where future meetings will take place. In the meantime we will continue to keep in touch virtually and keep members abreast with the WI news.
Hopefully we will have a workable plan in place before too long when we can resume our monthly meetings, welcoming visitors and new members.

A reminder that the WI prescription delivery service from Peak Pharmacy to Huncote is still in operation. Contact Karen on 2841185 when you have ordered your prescription from The Limes Medical Centre. Deliveries are usually on Friday afternoons with emergency deliveries sometimes available

Huncote WI

A Message from Fr Andrew Lee

Dear all, Hopefully you are well in Jesusí Love.

I am delighted to say that our church buildings are reopened. The churches havenít been closed - we have been too busy doing other things across our communities and online. The doors might have been closed but we have always opened our hearts to listen to His word and have been busy. I am sure we will need to discover new ways of being church, beyond, and living with COVID for an undefined time.

At this time, we need to hear His voice and possibly be closer to Him in personal and collective prayer. Praying alone is important but praying together is more beautiful, powerful and efficient. God wants to be with those who wish to stay together. I pray to you that you might have hope which stays with God.

Hope is one of those gifts from God that comes to us at the most difficult of times. Hope is a word that Iím sure many of us have often used lightly in the past. ďI hope the weather will be good tomorrow or ďI hope he hasnít eaten all the chocolate biscuits!

But, as we know, hope is so much more, so much deeper, and so much more important. Hope may seem difficult for us to feel at the moment. We dwell and ponder instead. Is this virus under control? Are people taking real notice of social distancing? Are my exam results good enough for Uni? Will we get a chance to go away on holiday? Will I see my grandchildren more regularly? There are so many changes to our lives, to our world; there are so many questions circling around our minds.
And yet, as we ponder and move on to hope, perhaps weve recognised Gods presence and strength, and even peace with us, in a way that at the time of our worries we couldnt expect.

I truly believe that just as God has been in the past, God is with us now, in this time, offering us those same gifts of strength, peace and above all hope, especially in Sunday worship. We may have been physically separated but we remained and continue united in faith as the Body of Christ both here and throughout the world. Together that is a powerful force of prayer and source of hope for ourselves and others.

I echo the words of St Francis of Assisi, an Italian Saint (13th century), for faithful reflection and prayers this month. Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace. Where there is hatred let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy.

Whoever you are and wherever you maybe, you will always be my brothers and sisters in Jesus love. God bless you all and remember to ask for help or support if you need it. You are so lovely!

Fr Andrew Lee, Parish priest of Huncote and Eyres Monsell (0116 4312463/07870885705 Email:
Spring is in the air - finally! It’s been a tough winter, but if you braved the elements to join us for this year’s panto, Ali Baba and the Four She-Thieves (written and directed by our very own Pete O’Neal) in January, thanks for coming along, and we hope we brought you a sprinkling of sunshine - we all had a great time putting it on! Thanks to everyone who pitched in (both onstage and off) to make the show a success, and thanks Pete for the fabulous script. As always, props to Junior HATS too, all of whom gave great performances  - we couldn’t do it without you!

In tribute to various friends and family of group members, we’ve chosen a variety of charities to support: Pete has opted to donate his writer’s fee to Macmillan Cancer Support, while our raffle proceeds will be split between the Adult Intensive Care Unit and Ward 11 (Children’s Ward) at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.
Now that we’ve swept up the sequins and put away the props (and relegated the camel to the cupboard!), we’re hard at work planning our shows for the rest of 2020. Plans are afoot to bring you a comedy/farce in the summer, as well as our ever-popular murder mystery later in the year, so watch this space for further announcements.

Have you or your kids ever fancied treading the boards yourselves (or helping out behind the scenes)? Huncote Amateur Theatrical Society is a thriving and friendly amateur theatre society that’s been going strong for over 30 years now, while Junior HATS has been established for more than 20. Most rehearsals take place on Thursday evenings. Contact us on 07454 272925 or speak to any society member if you’re interested - new members are always warmly welcomed!
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