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Narborough Station
This issue includes our usual mixture of school reports, articles from local clubs and societies, and other material of general interest to our readership. Every year I wonder whether we really are doing everything we can to provide a local magazine that appeals to the largest number of people. Would you like to see more general articles in The Journal, or only local material? Are there some parts of the magazine that you would like to see expanded, or some that should be reduced in size?

Is there any subject area that you think should be covered, but that is presently neglected? Is The Journal just right as it is or is there some way in which it could be made more appealing? You can have your say by emailing copy@the-journal.org.uk <mailto:copy@the-journal.org.uk> or by sending a letter to the address opposite or via the feedback button on the website (http://www.the-journal.org.uk/Contacts.html). All of your views are important to us, so please let us know how you would like your Journal to develop.
The Journal aims to be a source of local knowledge  in  our  five  ‘journal  villages’ and is proud to have been doing so for almost  40  years.   Arguably  the  most valued  members  of  our  team  are  our volunteer Distributors.

We are currently looking for new distributors to join the team and deliver The Journal in the following areas:

Holland Way, Woodfield Close, Bushy
Close, Hampstead Close, Hyde Close, 50 copies.

Leicester Road, Church View area in Narborough (around 100 copies

Please phone Linda Willis, Distribution Manager on
0116 286 3464.
Volunteer Distributors
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Theft from Motor Vehicle Advice

Is your vehicle secure? Protect your vehicle and donít give thieves an easy ride.

Leave it on show expect it to go! Always remove valuables from your vehicle. Remove sat navs including the support cradle and cables. Wipe away any suction pad marks. Donít leave tools in vans overnight.

Make sure that doors are locked, windows are closed and keys are removed when you leave the car, even if itís only for a moment. On icy mornings, never leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running.
Park your vehicle in a well-lit area that is visible to others, or covered by CCTV. If you have a garage, use it. Always lock your vehicle and garage.

Consider fitting a metal cage to your catalytic convertor or have it etched. Register any vehicle equipment such as CD players, in-car DVD players, and sat navs for free with immobilise.com <http://immobilise.com/>

#lockitorloseit #leaveitonshowexpectittogo  Leics.police.uk/vehicle-crime <http://leics.police.uk/vehicle-crime>
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