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The Journal is approaching its 40th year of providing news of local events to the villages of
Enderby, Huncote, Narborough, Littlethorpe and Thurlaston.  A remarkable feat considering the
magazine is put together and distributed entirely by volunteers.  Over the years new technologies
have meant fewer people are required to produce the magazine.  However, what has remained
constant is the number of volunteer distributors we require. 

We are currently looking for new distributors to join our team and would like to hear from anyone
willing to give approximately an hour a month to deliver The Journal.

The Journals are produced eleven times a year and are delivered to distributors by our courier
company 24sevensameday on publication date.  All we would ask is that the Journals are
distributed as soon as possible after that date.

We have rounds needing distributors in the following areas -

Salts Close and West Street in Enderby approximately 145 copies
Bell Lane, Thornton Drive, Jubilee Crescent area in Narborough approximately 145 copies
Copt Oak Road, Homer Drive area in Enderby approximately 60 copies
John Street, Rawson Street area in Enderby approximately 145 copies
Mill Hill, Conery Lane, Moores Lane and Hall Walk in Enderby approximately 80 copies

People volunteer as distributors for a variety of reasons.  They may be looking for a new activity or
want to get out and about locally.  Others may go out as a family to deliver Journals getting some
exercise in the fresh air.  Volunteering can also be a positive addition to a CV for anyone looking
for employment.

To find out more please contact our Distribution Manager, Linda Willis on 0116 2863464 - leave
your details and we’ll call you back.
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Do something different - join the Journal team.
We are currently looking for new distributors to join the team and deliver The Journal in the following areas:

Mill Hill, Conery Lane, Moores Lane, Hall Walk in Enderby 80 copies  

Salts Close and West Street, Enderby approx. 145 copies.

Bell Lane, Thornton Drive area in Narborough approx. 145 copies

Copt Oak Road, Homer Drive area in Enderby 60 copies.

John Street, Rawson Street area in Enderby 146 copies

Mill Hill, Conery Lane, Moores Lane and Hall Walk in Enderby 89 copies.

If you could give around an hour of your time eleven times a year we would love to hear from you.

It usually takes little more than 1 hour a month, but you don't need to deliver them all on the same day.

Please telephone Linda Willis, Distribution Manager on  0116 286 3464.
Where you can find The Journal
Do you know someone living locally who is not getting a Journal delivered? We regret there are some areas within the five ‘Journal’ villages where we are unable to deliver copies of The Journal.  However, there are a number of places locally where a copy of The Journal can be picked-up by anyone wanting a copy.  These include:

In Narborough                                in Enderby                              in Huncote
The Library                                      The Library                              The Post Office
Mercury News shop                         Wok Express                           Pavillion
The Parish Centre                            Hawgrip Nurseries
Mews Gallery
Petals Florist
The Post Office
Royal Court Shoes

In addition, many of the stories in The Journal are now available on-line at our website http://www.the-journal.org.uk/index.htm
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