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Narborough Station
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Serving the community for more than 40 years.
Iím pleased to note that we have two letters in this issue from our local councils addressing problems that have been raised by our readers in recent letters to The Journal. I think it is a credit to these councils that they do so much to keep local people informed about what is happening in the area and that they respond so readily to our complaints, given the dire cuts in funding that they have been subjected to. These responses also show that your letters are reaching the right people and that they are making an effort to address your concerns. Please keep those letters coming.
Dear Editor,

Thank you for the opportunity to respond through your letters page to the residents of Narborough and the surrounding area and in particular those that have written in regarding the recent changes to car parking in the Parish. In July 2017 following consultation, Blaby District Council agreed a Car Parking Strategy for the District with an aim of making the car park service cost neutral i.e. that income received through charges covers all associated expenditure including maintenance, litter collection, grounds maintenance, gritting, lighting, ticketing and enforcement. The strategy also made provision for a number of car parks to be offered to Parish Councils for their future use and management, as well as a capital sum for investing in new ticketing machines, allowing card and contactless payments for ease of customer use.

As it has been nearly a year since the Car Parking Strategy was taken through Council, it is now timely to undertake a review of progress to date and report any associated impacts positive or negative. The comments made by your readers and along with feedback we have received direct will be fed into and form part of this review which I hope will be undertaken during July/August and considered at a future Council meeting (September).

Thank you again for the opportunity to respond and be assured that the comments raised to date have been noted and will be considered as part of the review.

John Richardson
Strategic Director