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Many of us take stock of our lives as we approach then enter a New Year. Some of us make resolutions but they can often quickly fade away by our own inaction or lack of resolve. Whatever the issues in our own lives, becoming involved with helping others in our communities can be very rewarding and therapeutic whilst positively contributing to the needs of others.
Commbus volunteers, past and present, have been giving some of their time to help others for well over 20 years. Commbus services are focussed on the older residents of our communities, helping them to maintain a degree of independence and self-worth.
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Narborough Station
SHIRE Community Grants
To ensure continuity of this very important community service we urgently need more volunteer bus escorts and drivers to support and enhance our team.  Full training and support will be given. We invite you to spend just one morning with us, without any obligation, to experience what we do. Becoming a Commbus volunteer allows you to give of your time as little or as frequent you wish.
Please get in touch by calling 0116 2866116 for more information about Commbus services, including escorting. If your interest could be driving one of our mini coaches please speak to Olly on 07836 218783.
Seasonal Greetings to you all.
The Commbus Team 


The Journal would like to thank an anonymous donor for their generous donation.
If you are a local charity, community group, social enterprise, town/ parish council, and you are working with vulnerable or disadvantaged people you can apply for a SHIRE Community Grant.

Contact Leicestershire County Council Grant Officers to discuss your project idea on 0116 305 7269.

Visit www.leicestershireforums.org for information about Your Shire Community grants of up to £2,500 and www.leics.gov.uk/shiregrants for Shire Community Solutions grants of up to £10,000.


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