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Dear Editor,

In response to a letter displayed in the Journal regarding tree works at Whistle Way (March 2016).

Over the last two years we had received a lot of complaints about the trees blocking light to people’s gardens and the Council has tried to open up dark shaded areas whilst leaving some structure to the woodland.

The woodland thinning and coppicing has been completed in accordance with best practice guidelines from the Forestry Commission, which is part of our conditions with the felling we have in place. During the spring, trees that we have coppiced will begin to sprout and will grow one metre in their first year, giving  ground cover for wildlife and making it difficult to approach resident boundaries.

Blaby District Council put notices up in December explaining where the thinning work was to take place, and the Parish Council was also informed.

The main purpose for this work was to ease safety concerns from residents, open up the canopy to let light onto the woodland floor and open up areas shading resident’s gardens. We also wanted to create a better wildlife habitat, which is only achieved by coppicing the Hawthorne and letting more natural light into Whistle Way.

If there are any concerns or incidents of anti-social behaviour we’d urge these to be reported to the police.

Blaby District Council

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Narborough Station

The Journal would like to thank an anonymous donor for their very generous donation of £50.
he Journal has recently received responses from three local councils to issues that we have raised with them. In last month’s issue, Narborough Parish Council sent in a statement about the Parish Centre redevelopment, following a letter from a concerned reader about lack of consultation about the design of the replacement building. The letters page this month contains a response from Blaby District Council to last month’s letter about the way in which Whistle Way has been renovated, causing problems to both nearby residents and local wildlife. Finally, we have an article about an unused and neglected site in Enderby that is said to be a centre for anti-social behaviour, in which we quote a response from Leicestershire County Council.
It is always difficult to get feedback, so if you could spare just a minute or two to send an email to copy@the-journal.org.uk that would be great. It is always gratifying to hear about the things that you think we do well, but equally we want to know what is in need of improvement and if there is anything that you really feel is a waste of space. I look forward to your comments.

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Dear Local Residents, with this being the first Policing Update of 2016, it has been an extremely busy period for the beat team as I'm sure you can all imagine.

In response to recent complaints from local residents, the beat team have completed various Speeding Operations along Warwick Road, Littlethorpe,  Forest Road & The Pastures, Narborough and Blaby Road, Enderby where numerous offenders were identified travelling above the designated speed limit.

Dear Editor,

Re: Traffic in Enderby

Enderby has an attractive town centre, with great shops, wonderful cafes and public houses.  There are attractive and interesting buildings which reflect the history and development of the village.  As with most villages, Enderby is perhaps best enjoyed on foot.  However, this is becoming increasingly difficult as the traffic in the village is making travel, both on foot and by car, difficult and frustrating.  The town centre and its narrow side streets are unable to cope with the amount of cars, parked or in transit.  Many local residents will have experienced snarl ups or witnessed buses and lorries struggling to negotiate narrow side streets. Driving from across the village becomes a chore, let alone weaving in and out of the parked traffic on foot.

Most of us are often unwilling to give up the convenience of parking near to the local shops. The result is a classic collective action problem - we want a town centre accessible on foot, easy to drive through and clear of cars and lorries - but few are willing to curb their individual behaviour to achieve this - me included.  Such a wicked problem requires action from the local authorities (at Parish, District or County level), acting in the interest of the whole village by restricting town centre parking. It is perhaps time the council considered ‘Residents Only’ parking for the village centre and surrounding narrow lanes, excepting drivers with limited mobility and deliveries to local businesses. Bus routes around the village could be reconsidered to avoid blockages - I imagine Enderby must be amongst the most frustrating villages for local bus drivers!

In addition, the local authorities should look again at the provision of off-road car-parking in the village. There are two car parks for Co-Operative customers, but what about those visiting other areas?  Where else could be made available and is the current off-road provision clearly signposted?

Solutions may be inconvenient for those who wish to quickly park for groceries, but the volume of traffic is now critical. I have witnessed heated arguments in the street caused by traffic jams; I have had to push a pram on the road because of on-pavement parking - how frustrating this must be to those who live in the village centre and park their own cars near their houses.

The local authorities must act soon as, if this is left unchecked, it will only get worse due to the increasing traffic. It is imperative that the local authorities carefully assess the situation, consult with local residents and businesses, and take firm action in the interests of the whole community.

Many Best Regards, Matt Widdowson
The Journal does not have its own investigative reporters and we are unable to fund extensive enquiries into local problems. However, we are able to encourage local councils to act in response to our readers’ complaints as they know that The Journal is delivered to almost every home in the local area. The responses that we receive are rarely as informative or satisfying as we might wish, but at least the issues are being brought to their attention. Please let us know if there are any similar problems that you think we should be following up.